Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Growing a VMWare Workstation 6.5 disk

I need to grow one of my VMware virtual machines hard drives. I have done this before a couple of times, but each time I do I need to research how to do it again. So that I may actually learn and remember, I'll post the method here. There are a lot of possibly older and longer methods around (including using VMware converter). This is the short, easy and effective way that worked for me:

  1. Turn off the virtual machine (don't laugh, I caught myself about the run this command with the virtual machine running).
  2. Back up the virtual machine (some sites say to back up only the vmdk file in question, but I am not sure how that intersects with separate 2GB files...anyone?)
  3. Jump into the command prompt and run the following command from your VMware workstation program directory:
    vmware-vdiskmanager -x [size]Gb path\to\filename.vmdk
Note the size to enter is the total desired size, and you should obviously replace the path and filename with the vmdk file path you want to resize. And to clarify, to find out the correct vmdk file view the settings of the virtual machine in workstation, or look at the VM configuration file.

I found the above information a few times on the internet last night while I was looking it up. When I went to do it today I found it here , which also has information for Fusion and ESX flavors of VMware.

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