Thursday, July 16, 2009

Web Blogroll for Specific Blogger Labels

These days I try to keep my other blog Fuel For Fusion separate from this blog. I use that blog for company news only and put the informational (some would say boring) technical stuff not directly relevant here. One of the posts on Fuel for Fusion before I made this change was Starring Items in Google Reader for Productivity.

One of the many things I discussed in that post is how you could insert a Starred Items blogroll into a webpage using the Folders/Tags tab under settings in Google Reader. The good news is that this is possible for any Folder or Tag in Google Reader. This feature is not just available for Shared or Starred items.

I mentioned that because I have just used this piece of knowledge, along with the feed for a specific Blogger label, to insert a blogroll for only a specific Blogger label into a webpage. The web page is the landing page for my new project (currently in development), and the specific Blogger label is the project label on Fuel For Fusion.

If you are wondering what the sequence of steps is:
  1. Find out the Feed URL for your Blogger label using the instructions from a previous post.
  2. Subscribe to the feed in Google Reader
  3. Select the feed in Google Reader and add it to a new Tag/Folder. The name of the Tag/Folder will be the blogroll heading.
  4. Click on Settings and the Tags / Folders tab on that page. This should show a list of Tags / Folders with your sharing options on the right side.
  5. Share your new Tag/Folder and click on the link 'Add Clip to Website' to display a dialog that lets you configure script for inclusion in your webpage.
  6. The script calls are placed directly in the document markup where the blogroll needs to appear.
Let me know if you have any comments or questions.


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