Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ColdFusion 9 not supported on Windows 7

UPDATE: It is possible to install ColdFusion 9 on Windows 7. Thanks to Paul Kukiel and Terrence Ryan for very quickly pointing this out. Paul points to this blog entry to explain the process. 

After attending cf.objective() ANZ  I was keen to spin up the release version of ColdFusion 9. I have recently migrated my main environment to Windows 7, and try to run my windows virtual machines in Windows 7 as well.

As you can guess from the post title, ColdFusion 9 is not supported on Windows 7, and indeed during the Web Connector installation on my Windows 7 virtual machine things went pear shape. Technically Windows 7 is very similiar to Vista, but I guess Windows 7 might ship with a new version of IIS which causes problems.

No doubt these problems are surmountable, but in the end I didn't try. I created a Windows XP virtual machine instead. This is another reason why having the capacity to run virtual machines, in my case VMWare Workstation 6.5, is a real boon.


  1. It is supported on Windows 7. But you do have to enable IIS 6 compatibility in order for the web connectors work.

  2. This should help: http://blog.kukiel.net/2009/07/installing-coldfusion-8-9-on-vista-and.html

    I have been running CF8 and 9 on Windows 7 for about 10 months.

  3. Thanks for the fast response and information. This is good news. I guess I got the wrong impression from the system requirements page:


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