Sunday, November 15, 2009

Introduction to HTML 5 (Google Video)

Back in September Google posted a blog entry and YouTube video  introducing HTML 5 to developers who had not yet had the time to investigate what advances the new specification was bringing and how it was currently supported by the major browsers. Falling squarely in that group of time-poor developers I only just today found the blog post in my Reader starred items and watched the video.  

If you have not yet investigate HTML, the Google video is a place to start. The video focuses on five areas:
  1. Canvas and SVG support,
  2. Native video player,
  3. Geo-location,
  4. App Cache and Database
  5. Web Workers
Watch the video for explanations, code samples and demonstations of these technologies.

There are other changes coming with HTML 5, such as dedicated tags for headers, navigation, content and footers. 

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