Monday, November 22, 2010

Git Mac OSX Binaries from Google Code

I was recently in Melbourne attending the cf.Objective() ANZ conference and was hopeful of getting some further setup done on my MacBook Air to make it ready for prime-time development. This will be my third development environment in use, after Ubuntu and Windows 7.

I wanted to jump to distributed version control using Git (a DVCS being essential for offline development) but found that both compiling from source and using MacPorts require a version of the C compiler not installed on my MacBook Air. Worse, the way to get the C compiler was to install Xcode. Xcode, if you didn't know (I didn't), is a hefty 2.9 GB download from Apple containing their development platforms.

Luckily I came across maintained binaries for Git hosted on Google Code, so the XCode install on my limited-space Air is not required. The binaries are working well. Thanks to the maintainers for keeping this out there.

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