Monday, November 8, 2010

Quick Note: Eclipse and Subclipse on Ubuntu (for Appengine)

I have previously written about configuring PyDev on top of an Eclipse/Aptana installation for Google App Engine development. Now on the Ubuntu platform instead of the windows, the process is easier these days since Pydev ships with the new Aptana Studio 3 Beta.

I thought I would write a quick note to future Ben (i.e. me) about configuring Eclipse and Subclipse on Ubuntu. Subclipse is a Subversion plugin for Eclipse (the alternative is Subversive, which I haven't tried).

Briefly my Eclipse install (for reference):

  • sudo apt-get install eclipse (if using eclipse base install)
  • Install Aptana Studio 3 beta, either standalone or as Eclipse plugin
  • Install Google plugin for Eclipse from within Eclipse (page with download sites)
  • Configure Python 2.5 interpreter within Eclipse (assuming you have already installed Python 2.5)
  • Create new Google App Engine project (under PyDev grouping)
  • Configure Python Library Paths for Eclipse
To add Subclipse:
  • sudo apt-get install subversion
  • sudo apt-get install libsvn-java
  • install subclipse within Eclipse (download sites)
Since I eventually managed to install Python 2.5 I've had a great experience installing software on Ubuntu. I've experienced some detours but none of them have been too long. Let me know if I have missed anything, or could have done something better.

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