Monday, February 7, 2011

Naked Domains on Blogger

Google sometimes isn't great at updating its documentation. Or perhaps they need to improve their search. If you search for information about how to use a naked domain on Blogger, you will get the impression from results that this isn't possible.

The highest search result I found from Blogger seems to say the same thing:
To simplify custom domain configuration on your blog, Blogger only accepts non-naked domains in our sign-up process. If you try to enter a naked domain in the advanced settings of the Settings | Publishing tab, you will run into an error stating that Blogs may not be hosted at naked domains.

To fix this, simply enter the non-naked version of your domain and save your settings.
But you can use a naked domain! (sort of). No hosting, redirect pages or .htaccess files required. You can achieve the same result by configuring some A records on your naked domain to redirect to Google's server.

I knew I saw this somewhere while I was setting up Ferny Blog but it has taken me far too long to find the information in Google's documentation.

But found it I did - Look at the second half of this page


  1. That's always the issue I encounter with Google. I hope they can fix it on the next update.

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  2. I haven't had this trouble as I always type in URLs with www's. Have they fixed this yet?

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  3. Webmasters could always set redirects to fix this problem.

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  4. I had the same problem before. Thanks for sharing some ideas. Regards Jhonny

  5. This is a great help. The webmaster's redirect is also a good point. Thanks for posting. Check us

  6. Google changes its algorithm all the time. No surprise.

  7. I see. So sometimes they get a problem. Thanks.

  8. Yes that would be extremely unusual if you couldn't redirect your naked domain to be hosted on the blogger platform. My friend owns an appliance repair company in Orland and he was able to make it work.

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