Friday, May 18, 2012

Grails Resources Plugin Debugging

I'm working through an issue right now with the Grails all-powerful Resources Plugin not live updating within the development server.

I thought I would highlight a few easy choices for debugging I found on the Resources Plugin debugging page.

Firstly, you can pass a couple of couple of query strings to influence behaviour


The _debugResources=y query string parameter completely disables the resources plugin beyond simply including them in the page in the correct order. Your application shouldn't break, but resources will not be bundled or processed.


The _refreshResources=y query string parameter forces the resources to be refreshed and the browsers' cache to be busted.

You can turn on full debugging as well relatively easily by adding the following to your conf/config.groovy file within the log4j section:

log4j = {
    debug 'org.grails.plugin.resource'

I hope that was helpful to someone. My issue still eludes me.