Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Getting Meteor Running on Cloud 9 IDE

I have been looking at Meteor recently, which is part of a new breed of JavaScript combined client and server frameworks built on Node.js (DerbyJS is an example of another possibly abandoned framework I found).

If, like me, you would prefer to have to option to develop on Cloud 9 web IDE when circumstances require it you might be wondering how to install Meteor and make it work.

Meteor can run on Cloud 9 IDE but it needs to be patched first to remove some of the assumptions assumptions around the local IP and Port it should use.

Vianney Lecroart (aka acemtp) has already patched Meteor and offers a super-simple way to install Meteor 0.5.4. This works great, but Meteor is now up to 0.5.6 and the auto-update helpfully unpatches the framework.

Based on Acemtp's diff file I have created a patch for Meteor 0.5.6 to run on Cloud 9 and posted it to Github with instructions. Essentially, you need to apply Acetmp's installation and apply my patch using the included shell script (or manually yourself).

This seems to work, but the delivery and installation is very crude. For the moment though, I am up and running with Meteor 0.5.6 on Cloud 9.


  1. Any work on getting this to work with meteor 0.6?

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